Rehabilitation at Your Plantation Chiropractic Office

Rehabilitation and active care are services at Stumpff Chiropractic in Plantation to help you recover from injuries.  When a patient presents to our Chiropractor with pain, our goal is to decrease pain to a manageable level.  As the pain continues to decrease, the next step our Chiropractor takes is to find out what caused the pain and work on correction exercises.  For example, if a patient has increased back pain from bending over to pick something up from the ground, how did the person move? Was there rounding in the back? Did the patient not use their legs to lift the item if it was heavy? These changes in posture and movement patterns can cause injuries to reoccur if not addressed soon. That is why our Chiropractor advises to reach out soon if this describes you or someone you know. 

Our Plantation office provides evidence-based exercises individualized to your conditions to help the patient recover and heal in their time away from the office.  With the use of resistance bands, stability exercises, wobble boards, isometric engagement and more, these rehabilitation exercises will help with patient education and overall strength to help a patient return to their daily lives with less pain.

Many exercises our Chiropractor prescribes in the office are provided as simple movements and reminders that can be utilized throughout your day. Our goal is to provide patients with reminders and cues to be able to recognize the postural faults that brought on their injury in the first place. 

The following exercises can help with these common conditions listed below:

  • Condition: Neck pain
  • Exercise: Stability to deep cervical spine muscles with resistance and shoulder positioning.  Neck strengthening can help prevent text neck, postural syndromes from being desk bound and neck pain after whiplash from an auto accident.

  • Condition: Posture relief
  • Exercise: Providing ergonomics while at work, use of computers and texting.  Strengthening shoulder muscles, core and deep neck muscles.

  • Condition: Lumbar pain
  • Exercise: Stability to core, pelvic floor, introduce biomechanics for proper lifting and bending to protect the spine.  Avoiding movement that compromises disc injuries by providing stability to the lumbar spine and increasing thoracic mobility to reduce the amount of force through the lumbar spine.

  • Condition: Hip pain
  • Exercise: Strengthening hip stabilizers through single leg stance, balance exercises and hamstring and quadriceps training. These exercises can help with knee pain as well as lumbar pain.  The gluteal group (muscles of the buttocks) is known as hip stabilizers. Weakness in that area can lead to injuries that can affect more than just the hip.

When it comes to injuries, we like to take the full body approach to present exercises and corrective movement drills to help our patients recover faster.  Our office will assess the movements you perform daily to make sure correct muscle groups are firing and you are protecting your joints and spine from re-experiencing the injury from which you are recovering. Whether it is picking up the grandkids or improving your golf game, improper repetitive motion leads to injury.  Stumpff Chiropractic in Plantation is here to help break old habits to keep you active. 

Active care and Rehabilitation by Plantation's Chiropractor

While chiropractic is more of a passive treatment, it is important to integrate active rehabilitation into patient care.

  • Active care increases cardiovascular activity. Increased blood flow helps regeneratetissue and increases the healing process.
  • Injuries occur from imbalance. While passive care is great for tight muscles and spasm, you have to look at the antagonist muscle group. In most cases, the injury is due to muscle inhibition or weakness, causing the area of pain to be overactive.
  • Muscle memory. Pain is coupled with movement. If you are experiencing pain, you begin to change movement patterns to compensate for the pain. Improvement of biomechanics encourages you to move through your pain rather than around your pain.

Contact our chiropractic office in Plantation, Florida by calling 954.368-4054 to learn more about adding active care to your chiropractic care.  Come in and experience a unique chiropractic style that is specific to you and your condition at Stumpff Chiropractic. Our Chiropractor, Doctor Eric Stumpff, is experienced in treating a wide variety of conditions right here in Plantation. 

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