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Stumpff Chiropractic provides patients with individualized chiropractic care using an evidence-based approach tailored to each patient’s condition. We strive to be Plantation's first choice for any neurological, muscular, or joint condition using conservative, non-invasive care. At Stumpff Chiropractic, we focus on providing short term pain relief to get you back to your daily activities as soon as possible. Treatments include; soft tissue mobilization, in-office modalities, and rehabilitation exercises, all of which can be combined with a chiropractic adjustment. We believe in addressing the source of pain when it first occurs so you can resume your active life.

Why Choose Stumpff Chiropractic As Your Plantation Chiropractor

80 percent of the population experiences back pain at some point in their life. Many have yet to see a Chiropractor. When that happens to you, we want you to to feel comfortable making the right choice for your road to recovery in Plantation, FL. At Stumpff Chiropractic, we take the time to do a comprehensive exam and make sure that we can diagnose your pain. Most patients come to us because they are in pain; as long as we believe that your condition is safe to treat, we will provide care to decrease your pain and start your recovery process on the first day, right after your exam.

We describe chiropractic as a non-invasive treatment for the joints and surrounding muscles. The goal of treatment is to help increase range of motion, decrease pain, and promote healing.

A typical visit to our Plantation office involves myofascial release to help restore muscle mobility, a chiropractic adjustment to increase joint mobility, rehabiliation exercises to introduce new movement patterns and break old habits, and passive modalities such as heat or ice to help decrease your pain so you can return faster to the life you love.

Chiropractic can help treat the following conditions:

Visit our conditions treated page to find out how chiropractic can help you.

Services Offered in Our Plantation Chiropractic Office

We provide many different options to our patients here in Plantation, each of whom requires a unique approach. Below you will find a brief list of treatments with a link to each page so you can learn more about the chiropractic care and other treatment options provided at Stumpff Chiropractic in Plantation.

If you ever find yourself searching for a chiropractor near me, then you came to plantation's top choice for chiropractic care. Your Doctor, Eric Stumpff takes a very unique approach to his profession which has allowed him to be respected in Sports Medicine, Auto Accident Doctors Circles, and for general Chiropractic Care. Doctor Stumpff also knows that not everyone has been to a chiropractor before so if you have not, no worries! Call us today at (954) 368-4054 to speak with your Plantation Chiropractor. 

Meet Your Chiropractor: Doctor Eric Stumpff

Plantation's Chiropractor, Doctor Eric Stumpff was Magna Cum Laude and also awarded the Clinic Excellence Award from Palmer School of Chiropractic. As a Florida Native, Doctor Stumpff has thrived to bring Plantations community with the most excellent care no matter the patient. Doctor Stumpff's discovery of Chiropractic came from childhood when he was diagnosed with Osgood-Schlatter Disease, which is a condition of the knee that affects adolescents and that develops a painful lump under the knee cap. He was told he would not be able to play until he met a chiropractor in his hometown. Upon his discovery of Chiropractic as an alternative form of care he found another way. With the use of soft tissue techniques, stretching and active care exercises combined with knee brace support, he was able to continue playing.

As you will see throughout the website, your chiropractor, Doctor Stumpff, thrives on sports. To this day he can continue to play sports like soccer. This love of sports is what led him to have a focus on Sports Injuries treatments in plantation. Chiropractic care combined with other treatment options have proven effective in treating sports injuries. 

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Reviews By Our Satisfied Clients

    I have nothing but great things to say about Dr. Stumpff and Jasime. I have never met another doctor that is so invested in his patients and he actually met with my other doctors to discuss my condition and how best to treat it and to get their recommendations. I was a tough case, but he was always so patient in explaining things and in trying different treatments, and in the end he got me back to 100%. I highly recommend Dr. Stumpff.

    Chiara B.

    My first time ever visiting a chiropractic doctor. Dr. Eric listens to your needs & explains what he feels is the process he will be using to help alleviate & work on troubled areas. In my case several areas. One from an accident & the others from arthritis & daily life of sitting at a computer for hours, lots of yard work & standing at work. I wish I had added chiropractic care to my routine years ago, instead of suffering for days/weeks after doing the things I love! Office Atmosphere

    Pamela J.

    Excellent staff and treatment!!! I highly recommend Dr Eric. Went to several other Chiropractors in the Plantation area who are not even close to his expertise. So glad I found him!

    Shelly Kennard O.

    I've had back pains since I was 19 years old due to a car accident. It's gotten worse throughout the years so I found Dr Stumpff through a co worker and let me tell you he's the best of the best. I couldn't even walk into his office when I first went there because my pain was so bad. I started seeing Dr Stumpff 1 time a week then it went to every other. Now I see him 1 time a month or when I need an adjustment. Extremely professional, helps his community when he can, saved my back and I have no

    Jessica H.