A deep penetrating modality capable of producing changes in the tissue through wave formation and heat. Beneficial for tissue repair and wound healing by increasing blood flow and tissue extensibility while decreasing pain and muscle spasm. Therapeutic ultrasound also allows for the breakdown of calcium deposits in the tissue. Call to schedule your appointment if you are in Plantation, Fl area and are considering chiropractic.


Rehabilitative taping that helps facilitate the body’s healing process while providing support and stability to muscles and joints without compromising range of motion. Kinesiotape provides an increase to the skin’s surface area to help alleviate pain, promote blood flow and lymph drainage to the tissue being supported. Kinesiotape can be applied and worn for up to five days.

Our clinic utilizes rock tape which can be found here

Interferental/Electric Muscle Stimulation

An alternating current beneficial for decreasing pain and edema through the attachment of electrode pads. Working on a frequency that is specific to each patient the electrical current decreases a patient’s pain while helping heal the injured tissue by promoting blood flow to the area.

Therapeutic Cupping

Similar to using an instrument assisted soft tissue technique, therapeutic cupping helps decrease pain, increase circulation and can be utilized as a form of deep tissue massage. Therapeutic cupping is a form of ancient Chinese medicine that has been linked to acupuncture as well. At Stumpff Chiropractic in Plantation, Florida we use therapeutic cupping as a means to break up fascial adhesions, increase blood flood and provide support to an area of pain by providing active motion and treatment in conjunction with cupping treatment.

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