What is Chiropractic?

Chiropractic is a form of health care that focuses on neuromusculoskeletal conditions, which can mean any muscle or joint pain that a patient may encounter. Chiropractic care is administered from a Chiropractor. Though the majority of treatment is provided to the spine, chiropractic care can be utilized at all joints to help increase range of motion and decrease pain. Chiropractic care has been around for a long time with many different techniques and styles used by Chiropractors.

What is a Chiropractic Adjustment?

A chiropractic adjustment provides a fast stretch to the soft tissue around the joint as well as placing motion back into a joint. Applying movement to your joints communicates to your brain information about where your body is in space. Without proper joint function, your brain does not receive sufficient information about the joint leading to dysfunctional movement patterns. Manipulation can help with the connection of proprioception (where your body is in space) by stimulating mechanoreceptors (nerve endings responding to touch), which can improve balance and athletic performance.

The “crack” one hears after an adjustment is known as a cavitation, or the release of gases due to the gapping, or opening, of that joint, which provides more mobility.

Once I go, do I have to go forever?

As with any condition, follow up and prevention of injury is required. After treatment and resolution of a condition, patients are discharged from care. However, many people choose to continue coming for care. At Stumpff Chiropractic there is no hard sell for long term commitments. We like to educate our patients about wellness and have patients come back when they feel their symptoms return or notice their quality of motion has decreased.

Will Chiropractic Care Cause Injury?

For this question we’d like to direct you to these articles:

Myths vs Facts

Primary Care, Chiropractic, and Stroke

A quick glance at these articles show:

  • A person is as likely to have seen their primary care physician or their chiropractor in the week before experiencing a cervical dissection (stroke).
  • A chiropractor, as well as a primary care physician, should be aware of the most common signs for possible cervical dissection (stroke) – unilateral neck pain and headache.

What are the benefits of Chiropractic care?

Many patients are able to reduce and manage pain, increase range of motion, and return to a more active lifestyle. For example, in randomized pilot study, 43 golfers were divded into two groups. One group received stretching, while the other received spinal manipulation. After 4 adjustments, swing improvements were noted in the chiropractic adjustment group. Whether a patient’s goal is walking to the mailbox or finishing a marathon run, chiropractic is an excellent option for those who look to be pain free without the use of prescription medication or invasive procedures.

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