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Conditions Treated By Plantation's Doctor of Chiropractic


At Stumpff Chiropractic, our chiropractor Dr. Eric Stumpff has successfully worked with and treated many conditions involving the spine, extremities and other musculoskeletal conditions.

Conditions our Plantation Chiropractor Treats

Neck pain: many with patients with neck pain often see a chiropractor. neck pain can result from a large spectrum from posture imbalances to car accidents to sports injuries.  Other underlying issues can lead to neck pain such as herniated discs, arthritis, spinal stenosis or nerve root impingement. Patients may have neck issues and not be aware the problem is from the neck.  Symptoms such as weakness in the arm, pain in the shoulder or numbness and tingling can be signs of neck problems.

Low Back Pain: Back pain is one the most common causes of disability. Over 80% of the population will experience back pain at some point in their lifetime.  This means many factors can be the cause of your pain. One of the more common low back conditions we see at Stumpff Chiropractic is sciatica.  Sciatica can be due to compression of the sciatic nerve at the nerve root level or behind the piriformis muscle or both.  Other injuries include lumbar herniated discs, muscle strain from lifting, sports injuries or weakness in the abdominal core leading to over use of the back muscles.   

Disc Injuries: As mentioned in low back pain and neck pain, the disc sits between each vertebrae. A disc can range from a disc bulge to disc herniation. Disc injuries can lead to serious complications such as numbness and tingling to extremities, loss of strength, weakness and atrophy of muscles.  Although symptoms can be serious, research shows that 37% of 20-year-olds have a prevalence of asymptomatic disc degeneration and 96% of 80-year-old individuals (Brinjikji et al., 2014).  Chiropractic is a great, non-surgical alternative to manage symptoms of disc injuries.

Shoulder Pain: The shoulder is connected to your body by one joint, the sternoclavicular joint.  The shoulder girdle itself (shoulder blade) is a floating bone that sits on top of the back of the ribs, meaning the structural integrity of the shoulder is primarily muscle. Chiropractic is a great alternative for shoulder pain such as impingement syndrome, bursitis, rotator cuff strains and other sports injuries that can present with overuse and trauma.

Elbow Pain: Tennis elbow and golfers elbow are over use conditions that can develop even if you aren’t playing the sport.  Daily activities such as turning doorknobs or using screwdrivers can cause pain in the elbow to be limiting and even cause weakness.  Chiropractic can help provide support with joint mobility to the elbow and decreasing muscle spasm and tightness through non-invasive procedures.

Wrist Pain: Symptoms such as carpal tunnel can be treated with chiropractic using myofascial techniques and stretching.  Patients who experience numbness and tingling into their hand may be quick to assume carpal tunnel. In some cases, this can be an accurate diagnosis.  Stumpff Chiropractic’s Plantation office will provide a thorough exam to correctly determine the cause of your symptoms. In some cases numbness and tingling into the wrist and hand can come from nerve entrapment along the upper extremity or even from the neck.  Active care exercises can be provided to help decrease nerve entrapment and decrease symptoms such as numbness and tingling. 

Hip Pain: Many individuals work at a desk, which can limit hip range of motion. Tightening of muscles can lead to a shorten stride when walking or running leading to a higher incidence of hip strain.  Sitting all day can lead to weakness and imbalance in the gluteal muscle group causing bursitis and sacroiliac pain.  If pain in the hip becomes chronic, it can lead to more issues including knee pain.  Chiropractic can help with strengthening hip muscles and providing stretches to keep the hip joint mobile and pain free.

Knee Pain: Many knee injuries can be direct or indirect for the source of knee pain.  Direct injuries include overuse syndromes such as patellar tendonitis, ACL sprain or meniscus injuries. Indirect knee injuries such as patellofemoral syndrome, runner’s knee and chondromalacia patella can develop from improper biomechanics from the hip and ankle leading to pain patterns that present in the knee. 

Ankle Pain: Foot and ankle pain may be cause from conditions like plantar fasciitis or sprain of ligaments.  Chiropractic can provide passive modalities such as ultrasound andinstrument assisted soft tissue mobilization (IASTM) to provide increase range of motion to tightened muscles and tendons.  Our office will work with stabilization exercises and strengthening exercises to help injured ligaments from sprains.

Whiplash: Auto Accident Recovery Doctors of Chiropractic ensure that you have successful recovery from your Auto Accident. Whiplash is one of the most common conditions we see result from Car Accidents. Whiplash is a condition where the head is thrown back to front and back again which results in damage of the Cervical region of the spine. 

Headaches and Migraines: These conditions are some of the most common we see in Plantation. There are many types of headaches and migraines such as Tension Headaches, Cluster Headaches, Cervicogenic Headaches, and Migraines. Each of these types of conditions have specific characteristics resulting in different pain for each patient. 

Find Out Why Doctor Stumpff is The Preferred Chiropractor in Plantation

If you are experiencing muscle or joint pain, our Plantation office can help with treatment and diagnosis of your pain.  Stumpff Chiropractic has experience in working through all extremity pain from elbows to ankles as well as the spine. Over the years, Doctor Stumpff has emphasized a patient first approach where he treats every patient's conditions as unique. Our Chiropractor will never have a one-size-fits-all approach. For more information visit of the conditions treated for more information and see how chiropractic can get your back to your active lifestyle! For questions call our office at 954-368-4054 or visit our office in Plantation, Florida. 

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